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    Champ 2929 Auto Scrubber


    The new Champ 2929 automatic scrubber from NSS® is the snappy little ride-on with big ride-on power. Its 36V electrical system delivers up to 30% more run time than a comparably configured 24V automatic scrubber. 
    • 29-in/74-cm scrub path with 33-in/84-cm curved blade squeegee
    • 29-gal/110-l solution tank and oversized 32-gal/121-l recovery tank
    • 1-HP drive motor with three forward speeds
    • 2-HP brush motor, 300 RPM brush speed
    • Six 6V, 235 AH or 350 AH batteries
    • Fits through a 36-inch door with skirts and squeegee intact

    ISSA & ACMA Member

    Continued Training

    60 Years of Research & Testing

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